Why Am I Giving You This Free Chest Workout..?

Because I want you to see for yourself how awesome and amazing my science based, research backed Basement Beast program really is. Sure, this is only one workout of MANY that are inside the program. Not to mention the nutritional blueprint, interactive workout log and of course the private members Facebook group.

I believe that once you see what the Basement Beast program is all about you'll want to join thousands of other regular guys just like you and BECOME A BEAST!
As you can see....It’s not a bunch of burpees and jumping jacks passed off as a workout. This is a serious chest workout, designed for building those pec muscles and torching fat.

This is one of my notorious “Density Stacking” Chest workouts from Basement Beast, which means it’s really damn hard!! and only for guys who want to pack on the muscle... get shredded... and look out-of-this-world.

What If I Have Questions..?

That's GREAT! I encourage you to ask as many questions as you can before making any decision such as this, because we both know how many training programs are out there and how many really don't work. I have complied a FAQ of the most popular questions below. But if you have further questions then reach out via our contact page and I'll answer them for you!
Do I Need To Go To The Gym? What Equipment Is Required?
No, you don’t need to go to the gym. Basement Beast is a home workout program. All you need is your bodyweight and a set of resistance bands.

Can I Do This Program If I’ve Never Worked Out Before?
Yes. Basement Beast is 100% “beginner-friendly.”

I’ll be honest - when I was 115lbs with zero strength to speak of, going to the gym and trying to figure out what to do was intimidating. The main reason I started working out at home was because I was uncomfortable at the gym...

I had no idea what I was doing in there... and I made no progress. That’s why I made Basement Beast a “plug-and-play” home solution.

Simply play the video and I handle the rest. You don’t have to think about what exercises to do... how many reps or sets to perform... what days to workout... or even how to do each movement. I lay it all out for you.

So whether you’ve never exercised before... or have “paid your dues” and just want to have someone else take care of everything so all you have to do is show up and get to work... this is for you.

Is My Information Safe?
Yes. Your information is 100% safe, private, and secure. Your order will be processed with the same industry-standard encryption and data protection used by sites like Amazon and Ebay.

What Happens After I Join Basement Beast?
When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a secure, fully-encrypted order form where you can review the details of this offer and fill in your information.

This form takes less than two minutes and your information is protected by the same industry-standard security used by sites like Amazon and Ebay.

Of course, the moment you finish your order, you’re covered by my double guarantee.

From there, here’s what will happen...

First, you’ll receive a welcome email.

This email will show you how to access your copies of...

The Basement Beast Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint... The Basement Beast Progress Log... and The Unreal Arms & Abs Bonus Workout...

It’ll also contain some useful tips for taking your first set of progress photos and measurements to maximize your chances of winning the transformation contest.

Next, and most important, you’ll receive an email directing you to the Week 1 workout videos inside the membership site.

Like I mentioned...

You can use any device with an internet connection to access these videos - phone, tablet, computer, or even a “screencast” onto your TV.

Then, for the rest of the 12 weeks, you’ll receive these “preview” emails at the start of each week so you know what to expect over the coming 7 days.
Do I Need To Take Supplements?
No. You will get great results without adding supplements, protein powders, or any other “fancy” products to this regimen.

Look... there are good, high-quality, and research-backed supplements out there that can help you achieve your goals faster. There are also many that are completely bogus (and potentially even bad for your health). I use and recommend several effective products myself.

Yet, anyone who says you MUST use a certain supplement for a diet or fitness program to get results cares more about their bottom line than your results. Basement Beast will work with zero added supplements.

What Exactly Is A Density Stacking Workout?
Density Stacking is an evidence-based workout technique I created to produce insane physique transformations for myself and my high-end clients. To put it simply, it has rewritten the rules of the game for everyone who has tried it.

It works by strategically adjusting the rest periods and intensity levels of each workout in a way that triggers the male body to preferentially burn fat and add muscle.
Don’t worry if it sounds complex, I’ve taken care of the details.

All you need to know is every time you perform a Density Stacking workout, you “hack” your biology at the cellular level...
...which makes gaining muscle and burning fat easier than ever and allows guys who aren’t “naturally muscled” to overcome genetic limitations.

How Does Your Double Guarantee Work? What Kind Of Results Can I Realistically Expect?

It’s simple. You either love everything about this program AND get results that go beyond your wildest expectations...
...or you pay nothing. Specifically, the two guarantees work like this...

The first guarantee allows you to join today and take the next 30 days to see what Basement Beast is, how it works, and whether or not you enjoy the workouts.

This way, you can check it out with zero risk whatsoever and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

The second guarantee is even better because with it, you get results that blow your expectations out of the water, or I send your money back.

With this guarantee, all I ask in return is you send in before and after pictures as well as a copy of your Basement Beast Workout Log to prove you did the workouts and tracked your progress. Do that... and if you don’t love your transformation (even if it was great)...

Do I Have To Do Cardio Or Go On Some Impossible
-To-Follow Diet?

Nope. There is no cardio in the Basement Beast program.

Of course, I know you’re smart enough to know what you eat affects the results you get. The problem is the fitness industry has turned eating into a nightmare for most guys.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. In the free Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint that you get as part of today’s package, I’ll show you the easy way to eat and make gains... without losing your sanity.

Combine that with the 3 powerful chain reactions that make your body hyper-responsive to using every calorie you eat to gain muscle and get chiseled, and you’ll never have to trade-off between how you eat and how you look again.

I’ll happily send your money back. There’s nothing to lose. Click below to get started.