Yes, I’m Giving You Two Guarantees With Basement Beast Today.


Place your order now and over the next 30 days, if you decide you don’t like Basement Beast for whatever reason....

Just send a quick email to my customer support team.

You’ll get every penny back right away.

No questions. No hard feelings. No delay on returning your money.

And yes, I mean any reason.

You don’t enjoy the workouts. You don’t like the bonuses. Heck, you can even refund if you can’t stand the clothes I wear in the videos.

I want you to be completely happy. If you’re not, the right thing to do is make sure you get your money back.

That’s the first guarantee.

The second guarantee is better...

With it...

You Get Results, Or You Pay Nothing

In other words, I don’t want you to just take my word that this program delivers.

I want to PROVE it to you.

Here’s how it works...

Join Basement Beast today...

And you’re covered by this Get Results Guarantee for three months.

In other words, you can try the entire 12 week program without putting a single dollar at risk.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you love what you see in the mirror or I immediately send your money back.


In return, all I ask is you send in before and after pictures plus a copy of your Basement Beast Workout Log to prove you did the workouts and tracked your progress.

If you do that...

Even if I see those pictures and your transformation is unreal...

If it doesn’t surpass your expectations...

I’ll happily send your money back

Why do I care so much?


I’m fed up with the endless conflicting information peddled by the fitness industry...

I’m tired of seeing arrogant trainers charge an arm-and-a-leg for zero results...

I’ve watched too many guys shell out $100 - $200 a month for a membership at Orange Theory, Barry’s Bootcamp, or Crossfit only to wind up injured.

Mostly, however, I’ve been in your shoes and know it hurts to feel like you haven’t reached your true potential.

Are you ready to achieve that potential?

Good, because there’s one last perk I’d like to throw into today’s package...

Blow Me Away With Your Transformation And

I’ll Buy You A Dream
Vacation To Hawaii

I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard to wrap your head around this pandemic and when the world will go back to “normal.”

Which is why I want to give you something to look forward to.

What you might not know about me is I live in paradise - the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.

If you’re 100% committed to changing your body right now...

If you want to be in the small group of men who use this time as an opportunity to grow body and mind... and build unshakeable will power and pride...

If you’re serious about emerging from this as a brand-new person...

With a body that forces friends and coworkers who haven’t seen you in a while to say “Holy crap! All I’ve done the last few months is eat junk, drink, and sit on my couch... and you... you look amazing...”

While also building the confidence to stand up to whatever life throws at you...

I’m Going To Reward Three Basement Beast Customers With The Trip Of A Lifetime To Hang Out And Train With Me Here In Hawaii.

The details are simple...

Once this pandemic passes...

I’m going to invite Basement Beast customers to send in their before and after photos...

...and the top three transformations will get a 5 day, 4 night dream vacation to Oahu.

I’ll cover your flights.

I’ll put you up in a swank hotel right on the beach.

You and I will explore the island... take breathtaking hikes... enjoy world-renowned beaches... go to the nicest restaurants... hit the town with my friends...

Of course... we’ll get a couple of intense workouts together too.

At The End Of Your Trip, I’ll Personally Create A Customized Plan For You To Take Home And Blast Your Physique To The Next Level

Every day counts, so don’t delay getting started on your transformation.

Alright my friend...

It’s time.

Start now by clicking the button below.

You’ll be taken to a secure, fully-encrypted order form where you can review the details of this offer and fill in your information.

This form takes less than two minutes and your information is protected by the same industry-standard security used by sites like Amazon and Ebay.

Of course, the moment you finish your order, you’re covered by my double guarantee.

Yes, I’m Ready to Become a Beast Now!

From There, Here’s What Will Happen...


First, you’ll receive a welcome email.

This email will show you how to access your copies of...

The Basement Beast Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint... The Basement Beast Workout Log... and The Unreal Arms & Abs Bonus Workout...

It’ll also contain some useful tips for taking your first set of progress photos and measurements to maximize your chances of winning the transformation contest.

My suggestion is to dive right into the Unreal Arms & Abs Bonus Workout to taste how fun, intense, and effective the next 12 weeks will be and to get started on your new body right away.


Next, and most important, you’ll receive an email with a link to the video of your first workout.

You can use any device with an internet connection to access your videos - phone, tablet or computer.


Then, for the rest of the 12 weeks, you’ll receive these emails the night before each workout.

When you get that first workout...

That’s When The Fun Begins

Yes, I mean fun.

Across the board, new guys to the Basement Beast way of training rave about how enjoyable they find the fast-paced and dynamic workouts...

What they find particularly surprising is how good they feel after finishing their first workout... with more energy and less of the fatigue, sluggishness, aches and pains they’d grown used to feeling each day.

Nearly all of them describe it in the exact same way... “I just feel... amazing.”

This is simply a natural benefit of what happens when those 3 powerful chain reactions are raging inside your body and turning it into the well-oiled machine the male physique was designed to be.

Then... if you’re like most guys who jump in with Basement Beast...

You'll be amazed what happens over the first few days.

Imagine Just 7-10 Days From Now...

You Wake Up, Look In The Mirror, And Notice Your Physique Is Already Responding To This New Style Of Working Out

  • Your abs are a little tighter and you can already see them “pop” a little when you flex...
  • Your triceps are bigger and your biceps and forearms are more vascular...
  • Your chest is thicker and your shoulders look more “capped...”

This might be the first time in your life you’ve had noticeable results like this...

...actually seeing your body change each day...

...especially in this short amount of time.

Trust me, you’re gonna feel incredible.

By The Time You’ve Finished Your 12 Week Basement Beast Transformation...

You could finally have that fit, strong physique that turns heads and makes you feel great about who you are.

People will take notice whenever you walk down the street or into a store.

Plus, I can’t really explain it but the world will seem friendlier.

You’ll notice your personality changes as well...

...more confidence, more optimism, and feeling better overall.

This is your life with Basement Beast.

Today, you can get it for less than the price of ONE dinner out.

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There’s never been a better time to do this than right now.

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There’s no downside - you’re covered by two guarantees.

You either love everything about this program AND get results that go beyond your wildest expectations...

...or you pay nothing.

Are you in? Then take decisive action and put yourself in control right now.

Click the button below and I’ll see you on the inside.

Yes, I’m Ready to Become a Beast Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go to the gym? What equipment is required?

No, you don’t need to go to the gym.

Basement Beast is a home workout program.

All you need is your bodyweight and a set of resistance bands.

How does your Double Guarantee work? What kind of results can I realistically expect?

It’s simple. You either love everything about this program AND get results that go beyond your wildest expectations...

...or you pay nothing.

Specifically, the two guarantees work like this...

The first guarantee allows you to join today and take the next 30 days to see what Basement Beast is, how it works, and whether or not you enjoy the workouts.

This way, you can check it out with zero risk whatsoever and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

The second guarantee is even better because with it, you get results that blow your expectations out of the water, or I send your money back.

With this guarantee, all I ask in return is you send in before and after pictures as well as a copy of your Basement Beast Workout Log to prove you did the workouts and tracked your progress.

Do that... and if you don’t love your transformation (even if it was great)... I’ll happily send your money back. There’s nothing to lose. Click below to get started.

Yes, I’m Ready to Become a Beast Now!

Do I have to do cardio or go on some impossible-to-follow diet?


There is no cardio in the Basement Beast program.

Of course, I know you’re smart enough to know what you eat affects the results you get.

The problem is the fitness industry has turned eating into a nightmare for most guys.

If you’re skinny, they say you have to force-feed yourself every few hours and eat 5000+ calories a day.

If you’re chubby, they tell you to eat like a bird, avoid all carbs, and cut out foods you love.

That doesn’t even mention the trainers and “experts” who are way too obsessive and bully you into believing if you don’t eat the exact correct number of calories... from the exact combination of proper foods... with an exact amount of protein... every 3 hours on the dot... that you’ll make zero progress.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

In the free Lean Muscle Nutrition Blueprint that you get as part of today’s package, I’ll show you the easy way to eat and make gains... without losing your sanity.

Combine that with the 3 powerful chain reactions that make your body hyper-responsive to using every calorie you eat to gain muscle and get chiseled, and you’ll never have to trade-off between how you eat and how you look again.

Yes, I’m Ready to Become a Beast Now!

Can I do this program if I’ve never worked out before?


Basement Beast is 100% “beginner-friendly.”

I’ll be honest - when I was 115lbs with zero strength to speak of, going to the gym and trying to figure out what to do was intimidating.

The main reason I started working out at home was because I was uncomfortable at the gym...

I had no idea what I was doing in there... and I made no progress.

That’s why I made Basement Beast a “plug-and-play” home solution.

Simply play the video and I handle the rest. You don’t have to think about what exercises to do... how many reps or sets to perform... what days to workout... or even how to do each movement.

I lay it all out for you.

So whether you’ve never exercised before... or have “paid your dues” and just want to have someone else take care of everything so all you have to do is show up and get to work... this is for you.

Do I need to take supplements?


You will get great results without adding supplements, protein powders, or any other “fancy” products to this regimen.

Look... there are good, high-quality, and research-backed supplements out there that can help you achieve your goals faster. There are also many that are completely bogus (and potentially even bad for your health).

I use and recommend several effective products myself.

Yet, anyone who says you MUST use a certain supplement for a diet or fitness program to get results cares more about their bottom line than your results.

Basement Beast will work with zero added supplements.

Yes, I’m Ready to Become a Beast Now!

What exactly is a Density Stacking workout?

Density Stacking is an evidence-based workout technique I created to produce insane physique transformations for myself and my high-end clients. To put it simply, it has rewritten the rules of the game for everyone who has tried it.

It works by strategically adjusting the rest periods and intensity levels of each workout in a way that triggers the male body to preferentially burn fat and add muscle.

Don’t worry if it sounds complex, I’ve taken care of the details.

All you need to know is every time you perform a Density Stacking workout, you “hack” your biology at the cellular level...

...which makes gaining muscle and burning fat easier than ever and allows guys who aren’t “naturally muscled” to overcome genetic limitations.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Your information is 100% safe, private, and secure.

Your order will be processed with the same industry-standard encryption and data protection used by sites like Amazon and Ebay.

Click below to go to this secure order page now.

Yes, I’m Ready to Become a Beast Now!

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